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Workflow: Mac vs Windows

Workflow: Mac vs Windows

Everyone knows the value of improving your workflow. Well it turns out I work a whole lot faster on a Mac, both in web development and web design. I think the OSX developers must have thought a great deal about workflow, because Mac has a lot of great features: from much more drag-and-drop integration between programs than windows, to little things like the mouse command to fly out all windows or show the desktop (this saves me so much time). But workflow on a Mac goes much deeper than these features.

Web development is great on a Mac, since the programs you need for coding run very quickly and the terminal is really handy for doing lots of things, its really easy to move between the terminal and the finder/other programs. Also since the terminal is Shell based, its … Read more…

Full Time Development

For a while, I’ve been doing odd design jobs and tutoring high school students to stabilize my income while I do the freelance web development. Recently, this has seemed a bit silly to me so I started applying to full time development positions. I think going full time would be good because I think that a team environment would be really helpful to me. I want to have my code critiqued, so I can become a lot better.

I had an interview yesterday for a design/development position, but I’m not sure it went so well, since I didn’t know a lot of the lingo. He seemed interested in my 3D and design portfolios though, which is nice because although I want to code I definitely want to be on the design side of it.

Well they called me back today, so I’m going to go for it. 8 to … Read more…



About a week ago I started work on The site is relatively small, so I opted to go with plain old HTML pages for the majority of the pages. The only php is on the article page, which is a switch to make coding easier, and the contact page in order to process the form.

Overall I wanted the site to be very simple and to have a soothing appearance. I got some great photographs from their photographer and even one that I incorporated into the header (at first I didn’t notice how low res the photos were, and I ended up working with one of them, ugh).

There was a registered trademark of another company that we were using on the site, which set back our launch date by a couple days. Although I followed the trademark specifications of the client, there were several … Read more…