About Me

Jon Raasch
Vanilla Jon Raasch
Jonny R in C Minor
Devastatin' Jon
Jon is huge in Europe

I'm a front-end web developer / designer in Portland, OR. I love all things Javascript, jQuery and UX.

I've been programming for the web since I was 14, but I'm by no means a dinosaur—I'm just as nice with CSS3 and HTML5 as I am with a <marquee> tag.

Using modern programming techniques, I design beautiful user interfaces that are dynamic and engaging without the loss of search engine spiderability.

Fully integrating your message into intuitive web hallways where the design, development and branding work as one; I make websites that are as accessible to users as they are to Googlebot. This well–rounded approach allows me to build websites that stick out amongst the crowd to become pillars in their online communities.

I specialize in jQuery and Javascript programming as well as CSS/HTML. My approach to web development and design focuses on the user's experience above all else.

I'm available for free-lance contract work and consultations.

What I think about the web

In the late 90's / early 2000's everyone was asking "should I have a website?". Nowadays there isn't even a question, and it's a great time to be programming.

"The internet allows companies to reach thousands of users for pennies"

The internet allows companies to reach thousands of users for pennies.

But there are two sides to this seemingly endless availability. It's cheap for you to reach tons of viewers, but it's also cheap for everyone else.

Internet users have heightened garbage filtering, which means you had better provide something immediately. And if you ask for something, even something small like their name and email address, then you had better provide something good.