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I’m up and running with CS3. It’s not too much different, sadly, but it’s awfully weird to see “Adobe Flash” and “Adobe DreamWeaver”. The only thing that seems to have changed is some better integration between Illustrator and Flash (which is really awesome and something I’ve wanted). Besides this, some aspects of it are pretty annoying. In Illustrator, you can’t scroll through the fonts like you used to by just pressing up and down, instead you have to click the bar and click the next one, it really disrupts my workflow. Also I can’t find an easy way to change the stroke weight in Illustrator. If anyone knows a way to easily do either of these things please let me know.A friend of mine told me that I should write code in the editor of DreamWeaver because of its php visualization option. I’ve always just used a text-editor with syntax highlighting but I figured that I’d give it a shot in the spirit of integration! Just as I expected it’s a bit clunky to code in DreamWeaver, mainly I don’t like all the autoformatting (it reminds me of MicrosoftWord before I change all the settings) but I suppose it may be useful so I’m bearing with it for a little while.

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