5 Reasons To Buy CS5 (And Not Just Steal It)

5 Reasons To Buy CS5 (And Not Just Steal It)


Adobe CS5 ships in mid-May, and I can’t wait.

This new release comes packed with a ton of awesome new features, such as content-aware fill, painting, better edge detection and time-saving shortcuts.

But this post isn’t about all of CS5’s awesome features, it’s about why you should actually buy it this time around.

The Situation

In a few weeks, just about anyone will be able to find a torrent, download link or burned copy of CS5. It seems to me that Adobe unofficially condones this, similar to record labels unofficially allowing “leaked” videos on YouTube.

It seems to me that Adobe unofficially condones piracy

Let’s face it: readily available pirated copies of the Creative Suite allow Adobe to retain what is basically a monopoly on this software. Amateur users, who would never actually purchase the software, find illegal copies and not only learn the Creative Suite, but more importantly don’t learn something from a competitor. Adobe then depends on professional users such as design agencies and larger freelancers to actually buy the software.

Of course Adobe would never admit to being OK with it, but I think they’d remove their “verify by phone” licensing option if they really wanted to crack down on piracy.

Now don’t get the wrong picture here: I’m comfortable with ‘morally gray’ and definitely not some Boy Scout. I’m not going to talk your ear off about the ethics of stealing or the poor Adobe devs who need to feed their families.

But there really are a wide variety of reasons to go legit with your software.

1. No Bugs

Any version of CS5 that you download is most likely going to be a cracked version of the pre-release. In other words a ‘late beta’, which will only be 95% there in terms of functionality. All the core stuff will work but there will be little annoyances and bugs throughout the software.

The funny thing is that if you’ve always used these versions you may not even have noticed.

2. Updates

You can’t afford having an inferior version of the Creative Suite

The sad truth is that the Creative Suite still isn’t going to be perfect when it launches. And with the amount of time you spend using the Creative Suite, can you really afford to have an inferior version of the software?

There will always be minor bugfixes, which is why Adobe Updater runs so damn often. But don’t worry, you don’t have to run it every time ;-).

On a side note, I’d like to point out that 7/10 of the top Google results for adobe updater are about disabling the updater, or why someone hates it :-).

3. Stop whining about Adobe’s release schedule

I used to be one of the biggest whiners when it comes to Adobe’s crazy release schedule, and I haven’t exactly changed my mind.

It sucks that every 18-24 months Adobe comes out with another version of the Creative Suite that you have to cough up another five hundred bucks for. Couldn’t they package more in each release or offer some enhancements as free upgrades?

But the truth is that Adobe doesn’t need to include anything extra in any of their releases, because each one has been justifiably a complete new version:

  • CS2 was released in April 2005 and saw the introduction of Bridge as well as the addition of a number of filters. Additionally, Smart Objects were introduced, which allowed for much better integration between Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • CS3 was released in March 2007 and packaged Macromedia’s suite of products in with the rest of the Creative Suite. Furthermore, Adobe made integration improvements between Flash and Illustrator, and added Actionscript 3.0 to Flash. Additionally, smart filters were introduced to Photoshop, which extend the smart object model started in CS2 with vector-based filters.
  • CS4 was released in October 2008. It came with a variety of image editing advancements, most notably content-aware scaling, as well as ‘on-image’ controls to adjust Curves, Hue/Saturation, etc. Additionally, efforts were made to improve integration as well as the workspace UI of the various apps. Finally, performance gains were made in Bridge (which has always run like crap).
  • CS5 is scheduled for release on April 12, 2010. CS5’s content-aware fill and improved selections are amazing improvements that will save designers a ton of time, and there are a variety of other advancements, such as painting and integration between Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

So I think it’s true that Adobe uses a hectic release schedule in order to suck more money out of the design community. But each of these releases is a “full release” so it’s well worth it, and I say more power to them. After all, would you rather get new releases every 1½ years or every 3?

4. Be a Big Boy (or Girl) Already

Another reason you need to buy CS5 is that it’s time to grow up already.

You’re only as professional as the tools you use

Let’s face it: you’re only as professional as the tools you use. So if you’re a professional web designer / developer who uses the Creative Suite software, it’s about time you go legit.

Adobe doesn’t have a lot to gain coming after individuals for piracy, except maybe to send a message. However, an agency, or even a freelancer with enough to lose could definitely be a target.

I’m no lawyer, but it makes legal sense that Adobe could sue you for any money you made using their software illegally.

So if you use something professionally, you had better get the license already.

5. Not a Big Boy? At least act like one.

OK I understand that not everyone is making money using Adobe’s software. But there are plenty of reasons for non-professionals to buy CS5, and if you’re a student Adobe has a special license for you.

Students & teachers can get any of the Creative Suite packages for under $450 (besides the Master Suite). Or get Photoshop alone for under $200 (Extended Version).

Sure $450 isn’t anything to sneeze at, but it’s a steal considering all the great software you’re getting. So start saving up today.

Or if you really want to go nuts, get the Student/Teacher Edition of the Master Suite for under $910. (Normally you’d pay over $2500)

Not a student and still not making money? Maybe you should just use Gimp :-).

I’d like to mention that Adobe didn’t pay me to write this article (although if they’re listening, a free copy of the CS5 Master Suite never hurt anyone ;-)).

Jon Raasch

Jon Raasch is a UX nerd and free-lance web designer / developer who loves jQuery, Javascript & CSS.

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70 Comments to “5 Reasons To Buy CS5 (And Not Just Steal It)”

  1. Reality says:

    I would love to buy it, That would mean I had some income and not worried about the chance of me not living indoors month to month.(I am soo thankful for my family supporting me through these trying times) I have put in enough years waking up to go do some hard job 12 hours a day that I hate and wished everyday I would just not wake up.(like being a laborer for a roofer on a cedar shake tear off on a steep pitch on rotted out homes in Detroit and your foot keeps falling though the rotten shacks roof) I love programming and web design and the first thing I will do when I start taking home a paycheck will be pay for a cs license. If you think that is so bad, try walking a while in my shoes and see how you feel after, or since your so high and mighty give me a job.

  2. Shadeyman says:

    Five reasons to steal and not buy CS5

    1. Its easy.

    2. Its free.

    3. Its is 100% functional and not cracked or beta, a simple HOSTS file edit prevents the software phoning home.

    4. It downloads and updates perfectly.

    5. Why not, its easy, free, 100% functional and updates perfectly.

  3. gagarine says:

    +1 for Shadeyman.

    6. Please don t feel sad or whatever for “steeling” a company like Adobe, Nestlé, Macdonald, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Shell,… They still the world not you.

  4. Jon Raasch says:

    Actually -1 for Gagarine – if you had bothered to read more than the title of this post, you’d see that I don’t care about the ethics of stealing.

  5. TheLawyer says:

    Id put my money on you the blogger getting CS5 for free or some type of perk for this blog or maybe you just work for Adobe 😉 Want a solution to pirating? Make it affordable and while your at it.. Lets make it open source so that others can make CS5 and other versions even better…. Nahhhh they wouldn’t do that it! It might not pay for there Rolls Royces and multi-million dollar home purchases =P

    -EnD Corporatism-

  6. lucas says:

    “You’re only as professional as the tools you use”.

    What do you mean with this? Sounds kind of sad. not agree in this one dude.

  7. john says:

    Hey Jon, you may not be “getting paid by Adobe” to write this post, but if anyone buys CS5 through those affiliate links youve published here you can be sure youll be getting paid by Amazon.

  8. Dhawal says:

    Good reasons to purchase a legal copy of adobe creative suite 5, I ordered one. I feel comfirtable about advertising graphic designing services.

  9. Wow, heated discusson here. I am not a techie but I am a student and I know that affording those programs can be tricky, especially if you are already saving money for buying a MAC (still to expensive but that’s only me).
    @Shadeyman loved your comment about the hosts file phoning home 😉
    But CS5 seems great though. I honestly must say that I support piracy here, especially for private use.

  10. BlaineM says:

    Great article.

    I agree; grow up.

    @TheLawyer You can continue to fight with selfish arguments about ending Corporatism and ending the Free Market, blah, blah, blah… or you can be wise and adapt to the world around you.

    Positive change is made by pulling, like gravity, not pushing toward the goal.

  11. Yep. You have your reasons. However, some people are not so keen to buy it. Sometimes, like in this case, it is a good thing to pay in order to get more 🙂

  12. that is a strange idea for an article … why would you care what people use? I am not using any adobe stuff so to me it does not matter at all …. ok i use flash player in the browser 😉


  13. Joseph says:

    1. Food, Rent or CS5. I can’t seem to earn enough to afford all three. 2500 USD isn’t much, but developing 3-4 projects montly earns me 300-500 USD. Blame the global economy.

    No, I’m not moving to the US, thanks, I like it here. No, people don’t die of smallpox here and yes we have water, electricity and the internet.

    2. I’d rather be fasting to support the guys at Powerflasher, who actually listen to their community. Flash Builder is an example of how to pretend you have no clientbase, and how copying features from your competition is a dishonorable (yet smart) thing to do. There’s just so much missing functionality you can blame on it being based off Ecclipse.

    3. Adobe can survive perfectly well without my support. I on the other hand find hunger lasting more than 2 days to be highly distracting, especially since I get cold when I’m hungry.

    4. In fact, every website, interactive quiz, online game or business application* that is done using Flash and not Silverlight, Java or any competing technology is a score for Adobe.

    5. Let’s face it, piracy is the reason adobe is the market leader. Wages young people can hope to earn around here are 2 to 3.5 dollars per hour. That affords them a 490$ CS suite after 178 working hours, or give or take a month of constant work.

    Now do you really believe that an individual who has worked for a month, (assuming he lives in a cave and grazes on grass for nourishment) will be willing to spend that money on software he’ll mess around with, create a funny animation or game?

    Portals like newgrounds traded theoretical money that Adobe would never see for real content that in turn meant more player installations. In addition the people who used Flash for fun will eventually stop working as freelancers and join more or less reputable interactive agencies, and bring their habits and knowledge of tools with them. And companies are subject to greater scrutiny from governmental anti-piracy agencies than anonymous flash developers working from their basement.

    *(the term “business” application gets a new meaning if your client agrees to pay 200 USD – after haggling – for two weeks of work of coding the thing)

    Piracy of games is a different case, because every pirated copy means one potential sale less. Movies, games and to a smaller extent music are all discardable after being enjoyed. Tools like Flash are not. Once a person has downloaded a movie, he won’t generally buy it on DVD. Same with games. But with Flash, the more you use it the higher the chances you’ll eventually buy it.

    And last of all, I think Adobe understands all this and realizes that, perhaps accidentally, perhaps unintentionally, but they DO owe their success to piracy and they do know that the more people steal their software, the more Flash Developers and Designers there are in the world, and that’s nothing but good news.

    In the end everybody wins.

  14. James Riter says:

    Who has used CS5 I am using CS4 and see no need to update.

  15. Nicole says:

    Another tip for students looking to buy the suite, if you’re in the market for a computer too, look for bundled deals. When I was in college I bought an iMac and because of a deal Apple had running + buying a student copy + Apple’s student discount, I was able to get CS4 Design Premium (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Bridge, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks + a few other little tools) for $300. Amazing deal!

    Also for students – if you’re still in school, you don’t need to buy the latest version either. CS3 or CS4 will suffice.

  16. GeneralOJB says:

    1. No Bugs

    I pirated CS5 Master Creative Suite and have been using it for a total of probably 20 hours and have come across no bugs whatsoever.

    2. Updates

    Updates work fine for me. I update every week without a single problem.

    3. Stop whining about Adobe’s release schedule

    I’m not whining. I probably visit the pirate bay around 3 times a month so this really isn’t a problem for me.

    4. Be a Big Boy (or Girl) Already

    This point is ridiculous. I’m not paying 500 bux to get software when I can get for free just so I can think of myself as a “big boy”. I’m 14 and don’t have a job as I’m in full time education.

    5. Not a Big Boy? At least act like one.

    Nice referral links. You’re really getting desperate now. Just drop it. For me, paying for software is literally just like throwing money out of the window. I can get it for free with no problems whatsoever.

    Maybe you’re just downloading from the wrong places. 🙂

  17. Joss says:

    Hey mate,

    I love your articles but I think this one’s way off the mark.

    I also think developers should pay for software, but only so that they can appreciate what their eventual customers feel like.

    In truth, very few people even know how much Photoshop costs because very few people have ever paid for Photoshop…

  18. Random says:

    when i have a job that i need adobe i’ll pay for it
    until then i take it
    its crazy how much they charge

  19. Tongus says:

    Anybody who is proud to pirate the software is an ass. Is $2500 really that much? The entire master collection includes over 14 million lines of code. You’re paying for software that open source developers are unable to come close recreating. Gimp is good, but everything else is not even comparable, especially when it comes to After Effects (oh wait, you children don’t even know how to use this one do you?). If you were a general contractor, you’d have several thousand dollars in equipment, tools etc.
    Spend $4000 on a workstation, $2500 on CS5 and make good work so you can get paid.

    If you’re a non-commercial user, take a class at a community college, buy the student edition with your new I.D., and you’ll still save money (plus a free class on how to use the shit!).

    Otherwise, shut the fuck up and struggle with Gimp, Inkscape, etc.

  20. Trojan says:

    who has a link to a site where you can get if for free? anyone? ha i just spent a few grand getting a mac i cant afford to spend a few hundred more dollars to get a program i’m going to use when i’m bored and i’m considered a novice i’m sure for my skill level it wouldn’t be worth paying for it… if i ever get good at it maybe i’ll reconsider paying for it and if i ever get a job using it i’ll defiantly pay for it. and for the link i want cs5 i’ve got an old version on my old PC.

  21. Kyle says:

    I want to punch the author of this article in the mouth.

    This is just an easy way to make money off affiliate links. Of course any big studio is going to buy CS5, by definition they are a BIG STUDIO who can afford the ridiculous cost of this software.

    My argument would be this, what if canvases and brushes costs 5 months rent during the renaissance, do you think any of the greats would have been able to develop their art, would they have risked homelessness to do so? I think not.

    Photoshop is one of the most used pieces of software of our generation, if you can afford it, fine. But for the army of 14-30 year old remix generation photoshopers out there, this just isn’t feasible.

    You should know as well as anyone as a freelance designer that it is almost impossible to buy this unless you are a university student, shame on you Jon, for shame.

  22. Gamedevpro says:

    errr… this article will do nothing to stop the pirating. Most people who pirate are high school students and college students. And even with the 480$ price tag, come on….. even an $100 price tag is crazy for us. Having to spend money on books, my laptop, cell phone, and other stuff already well adds up to the point were i can’t afford 500$ worth of software. Of course i do not want to pirate it but in some cases i will if i have to. Plus if your a novice and have never tried the adobe bundle before, your not going to chuck 500 bucks just to try it and the trial is only 30days ( way…. not long enough for you to learn the software). and for that idiot Tongus like i said…. OF COURSE WE CAN”T AFFORD IT YET!!!!! its not like as soon as you go to college you get $5000 to buy the stuff… What do you think money comes from trees or you just automatically get jobs!?!?! Yes i will buy the software when i have the money but can’t do that until i get a good lump sum of money.

  23. Blue says:

    why the hell would you even get a mac

    Adobe works just fine on a PC. Plus, if it’s drawing you’re into, there are far better programs for that that only work on windows.

  24. Sunny D says:

    Even if I was a billionaire I wouldn’t buy CS5 or any other program that I can download off a torrent site for that matter,

    Well maybe if I was a billionaire because there is that small chance that I would get caught and be made an example of in which case I have lots more to lose than the average person. Okay, so I will never pay for CS5 except under the 1 condition of my being a billionaire. Which unfortunately isn’t the case.

    BTW I think you’re cool and all but I bet you use a pirated suite and are writing this for whatever other reason. I mean come on, why anyone would pay that much for something they can easily get for free? It’s just incomprehensible to me.

  25. zooby says:

    am not about to pay more for a proggy than i did for my computer, Adbobe needs to wake up, if they dont want it pirated so bad, make it affordable..what insight…sell millions for $150 bucks instead of a few thousand..at..oh wait they might actually have to provide support to all those people..never mind.

  26. Although i use Open Source products i would still agree that purchasing CS5 is important. Dreamweaver support for Open Source Theming is improving.

  27. pixelBender67 says:

    Hey guys and gals,
    Stealing is wrong period I agree with Jon 100% I am a full time and father of 3 and I am no boy scout,, I have a ‘borrowed ” copy of CS5 and rest assured I will purchase a copy when I can afford it, so stop with the negative responses already, this blog and his tutorials are top notch and is he charging you for it ? are you learning from him ? if you are then shut up and learn from this post. Yea of course companies like Adobe are not going to suffer from their software being pirated, but as a wiser man than I once said, ‘If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem..’

    I for one do not want to be part of the problem, but part of a better solution 🙂
    just had to chime in on this, some of the comments here are a reflection of pure ignorance , I will pray that you will be saved from yourselves …

    Thanks for the awesome stuff you do Jon, I just found this site and love the parallax tutorial !!!1 following on twitter too and love your Twitter page lol , you are in my opinion one of the movers and shakers of the web, keep on rocking dude !!!1

    -Cheers !!!

  28. Web Design Seattle says:

    Do what I did, I found a wholesale/retail outlet locally that sells OLD software for dirt cheap. A few years back I bought CS2 Web Premium (or equiv.) sealed and in the box for a $100.00 I then went home and bought the upgrade to CS3 and have been paying upgrade prices since.

    I have upgraded to CS5 (Master Suite now because I also do video production) and the new, improved tools were worth the original out lay of cash (even when I went through a long dry spell).

  29. Manny says:

    Love this article and all the comments 😀

  30. Felucks says:

    “You’re only as professional as the tools you use” I completely disagree with this statement.

  31. marcos says:

    Putz é fogo más a realidade muitas das vezes não é como deveria ser programadores tem trabalhado muito e não ganhando o quanto merece, e se vc é um afortunado de estar trabalhando numa grande agência beleza, más se não o lance é se virar com o que tem e o que se tem é master collection a cada clique, deixe de ser otário e egoísta e rotular quem está tentando chegar lá, quem sabe se ao invés de defendermos uma empresa milionária, unir forças com quem está no mesmo barco que vc, enquanto você faz um discurso politicamente correto a adobe nem sabe que você existe…

  32. Haystacks says:

    Why would a $900 ‘master suite’ include everything but photoshop CS5? Because they want to force us to buy two things. I was totally willing to put down my hard earned cash until that point.

  33. Dose says:

    It’s $2500 for someone who isn’t a student, that’s why you don’t pay for it. For $500 I would be in but $2500 is crazy for someone who isn’t working with it professionally.

  34. Adobe Stinks says:

    I actually bought Web Premium CS3. The cost to upgrade it to CS 4 was so stupendous that I decided to skip it. Now here is CS 5.5 and the cost to upgrade is over $1,000 plus tax. That’s a good enough reason to steal it since Adobe has decided to squeeze everyone with its monopoly in this market. How they were able to buy Fireworks and the other alternatives is beyond ridiculous and a total disgrace.

    Adobe’s predatory pricing have guaranteed that I will never upgrade the software I have. My software works well enough and it’s relatively powerful enough. The insane copy protection which has failed requires me to beg, scream and plead with Adobe each time I upgrade my system and hard drive. There is no reliable “uninstall” which would allow you to save your installs. Basically they decide arbitrarily whether to accept your explanation.

    For all of these reasons, there is no earthly reason why anyone should even consider buying Adobe software. It’s sad that it has come to this.

  35. masood says:

    hello. I am a moslem and its important for me not to steal any thing and not to displeased any one. I am not professional in Photoshop and I want to use this software but the price is high and I cannot afford it. in your opinion what should I do? why Photoshop does not prevent their products to be used freely and make it easy to crack it? is there any one who answer me?

  36. Mr Bojangles says:

    Get off it man
    No one who isn’t a pro freelancer is seriously going to spend $450 MINIMUM on a license
    when it is freely available online. If people are making bucks from it fair enough but if you are learning you need the opportunity to evaluate in your own time
    Why would adobe turn a blind eye if this was not the case?

  37. Meanie says:

    This is ridiculous.

    Oky I know that stealing a digital software is a lot more like stealing a box of software from a store shelves. But who cares when I can download it for free from a remote places on earth without the worry of getting caught?

  38. T says:

    Adobe steals from you everyday with there insane update charges and rip off schemes. That is a crime in itself! If that is not enough to steal back there buggy sluggish programs, I don’t know what else is? They only value the money they make off clueless individuals and don’t care about customer support what so ever! They are only in it for the ???.

    Fix the bugs first Adobe, before releasing such crap just to make a dime. You have so many problems with CS4 and you’re already releasing a new version without even fixing the last one? WTF?

    Your non responding “professional” programs give me no reason to invest in something that unstable and buggy. I don’t know how many times I needed to reboot my damn computer, or repair something with a fully legal version of CS4 Production Premium?

    Going from Cs4 Production Premium to CS5 Web Premium to save money?
    If you want to keep the programs from your more expensive $2500 CS4 Production Premium package and only upgrade certain programs to CS5 to save a bit of money. Good F ‘in luck! You loose those programs that you paid a very good penny for that are not in the cheaper upgrade package! Not fair at all! Adobe thought everything out to screw you as a customer. What kind of scam company takes away software that you invested in and paid a very, very large amount of money for, when you upgrade to a smaller design package? Can you say BBB?

    I despise this company with all my might. They are a big reason why I will not ever be updating any of my programs to CS5 ever, unless it’s a free copy and you can deal with all the bugs and “What the hell were you thinkings” when you work in there apps.

    These guys are only looking out for themselves!! I say Rip these a-holes off as much as you can and as often as you can!!!

  39. Artzy67 says:


    Are you kidding? If you owned a business would you give your products away?

    I think Adobe has a lighter version of Photoshop; less expensive and good enough for amateurs. But you can get the free Gimp, which is equal to Photoshop in several ways.

    Other free (or really cheap) software out there is perfectly good for amateurs. For web design as well… like RapidWeaver which is somewhere between iWeb and Dreamweaver.

    Besides, how many features do many of us get around to actually using in any given Adobe product? Best to get something free like Gimp, learn it thoroughly… then see if PS is going to be needed at all.

  40. Zimbro says:

    Simply put, most of the users don’t have money to buy it even if they wanted. Many are not grown up, they really are kids. How do you expect a 13 year old to pay for his copy? How do you expect a person with a 300$ income to pay more that they salary for it?

    LOL@Massood. Really? Because you’re a moslem? Are you assuming that non-muslims don’t have principles?

  41. I got a stack of files from a client for a major project that my copy of Indesign CS3 could not open. Got the little raised middle finger salute from Adobe, instructing me to upgrade my software. Of course almost two PAGES of incompatible plug-in’s was a clue…. Oh SNAP, son.

    Thank you very much, Adobe. Of course the upgrade to Adobe CS5.5 doesn’t run on Power PC Macs… BIG upgrade this trip.

  42. oke i understand if u are really that honest with us … BUT YOUR NOT

    Instead of calling people dumb and inmature you should REVEAL the real reason why u posted this…

    YOU WANT TO MAKE Money. ( http://entrepreneurs.about.com/od/homebasedbusiness/ht/amazonaffiliate.htm )

    You have some nice story that when we dont buy we are inmature and crazy .. while the facts are that u want to make money of our back…

    Altough i must say that it is a nice way to get people buy from YOUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK…

    but i think the one thing u have to consider is to stop making people veel stupid because the download it for free ( it is not as little as 500$ but as MUCH as 500$ )

    but the bottom line is that you pay your software with the money you earn FROM US

    Have a great day and goodluck with you affiliate career, ( one little advice : if you want to make sales thats fine , if you use tricks to do that even BETTER AND SMARTER but it is NOT okey to make people feel bad abouth thereselfs for downloading a program because most of the time they don’t have the money to buy all the shit they want )

  43. Khaled says:

    Your post is funny .. I pay for software, on average 80$ .. photoshop the standard one, cost over 600$ .. if Adobe have a reasonable prices over photoshop, or offer a standard version with a reasonable price, I wouldn’t mind buying it …

  44. FU says:

    Your a cunt.

  45. suicide says:


    Because if a lot people thinking like you, then no more adobe software that you used this time.
    They spend a lot of money to making a software and for update. You think that free? come on

  46. Iris Caldor says:

    1. No Bugs: Irrelevant by now. The full version of CS5 has been cracked and released on all major torrent sites.

    2. Updates: It’s not terribly difficult to update CS5, either.

    3. Release Schedule: What the fuck do I care about a release schedule? When the next one comes out, I can pirate that too.

    4. Be A Big Girl: They’ll never be able to tell. I can just credit my work to a third party. Plus, equating sucking Adobe’s fat little chode to being mature is NOT earning you any points.

    5. USD200 isn’t acceptable either, especially not if I were still a student. I’d buy it, perhaps, if it were half that or less.

    Photoshop is too expensive. I am a one-woman independent firm, and I do not have that kind of budget to throw around. How can I be expected to succeed and be as good at my job as I am without Photoshop? I don’t have time to learn another program, and I don’t have the money for a legit copy of Photoshop. I literally have no other options, and it is literally seven clicks and a search bar entry to find and download a cracked copy of the latest Creative Suite. Adobe is selling the means to success only to those with the means to pay; they are catering to the rich, and giving us poor the finger. Well guess what, Adobe? Right back at ya!

    P.S. I will give Adobe $100 for my pirated copy of Photoshop if they apologize and ask nicely. 🙂

  47. justchris says:

    You know when I was not working but trying to learn how to use CS5 stealing it was ok by me but now I make money using CS5 it is time to pay up and support the programs I use to make money.

  48. justchris says:

    If you make money using CS5 then you know dam well if your good you will make that $2499.99 back with in the first few jobs. My first payed job using CS5 netted me $5000+ that is the price of CS5 x 2 and since that job I have done 100+ more jobs and netted over $100,000 this year alone in web development & graphic arts work. All I need to do my work is CS5, a good computer and internet, I don’t even need printers I use print shops. So it sounds to me like your a student or just learning on your own and don’t have the money to afford it and that is OK I used a cracked CS4 for the 4 years I was going to classes and teaching myself to use the programs. But if you run a cracked CS5 and are making money using it, then your just CHEEP or just not good enough to make the $2500 to pay for the programs that help make you money. Q, if I had a car lot filled with stolen cars and offered them to you all FREE would you drive one off the lot?

  49. TickleOnTheTUm says:

    There is one reason why people will always pirate Adobe software… price…

    £605 is almost a months wages, if not more for some people, and so completely unaffordable… after paying all the bills, taxes etc, you lucky if yo have £50 a month to spend on luxuries. Which if you have a partner (and kids) doesn’t last 5 minutes.

    If Adobe really want to get companies buying their software (they are the only ones who can afford it) they should give it away for free to home users/students, etc. and foster a feeling of loyalty to themselves. At the moment all those students who pirate it end up resenting Adobe so when they start working they think nothing of ripping them off.

    And no Elements is not a suitable home product. By giving it away to home/student users they will increase their sales not lose them… Look at 3D Studio Max, they have done this and I’ve recommended their software to loads of people to buy…

  50. jean says:

    I would be interesting that update your article and your view about point 3 since the recent release of CS5.5 (not a full release) and the very soon coming CS6. And i am still often using CS3 (when not at work) and don’t suffer from it, i am as professional as i can be. Fundamentally nothing as changed. Photoshop still confuses with the Flip Horizontal / vertical non sense (it doesn’t mean flip according to an horizontal axis as in Illustrator but the opposite) and they have run differences like that and discrepancies in Short cut key combinations from one soft to another since the beginning of the suit. Don’t come and talk about integration. Where i think they are stealing us: The software is nowhere near to what it could be if they really tried, to how much improvement and fluidity there could be on so many levels, real improvements that would truly change our lives. And they are preventing these improvements from competitors by buying them, to have a monopoly. If you are an amazing pole vaulter and are able to improve the world record by 40cm, do you want to do it 5cm by 5cm and get a world record and money every time, or do it all at once, knowing you might not be able to improve that for a very long time? adobe release strategy is entirely based on money not on what they can contribute to the world. They are stealing you!!!

  51. Some Guy says:

    $1000 for Photoshop alone plus I use Illustrator which is another $1000 or the Design Suite which is priced at $1800. As a freelancer doing mostly non-profit work, I wouldn’t make that back in a year. While I’ve never downloaded illegally, I really wish they would lower the price at least for individuals or non-profits. I’m still running off of CS2 I got years ago on a student discount when the Suite only cost $200 packaged together…

  52. Z says:

    What a condescending article. . .

  53. lol says:

    “pixelBender67 says:
    Hey guys and gals,
    Stealing is wrong period I agree with Jon 100% I am a full time and father of 3 and I am no boy scout,, I have a ‘borrowed ” copy of CS5 and rest assured I will purchase a copy when I can afford it”


    So, by your argument, you shouldn’t be using it AT ALL, because stealing is wrong PERIOD and you’re STEALING it right now! XD

    That hurts my sides I’m laughing so hard! Did you get whiplash from all the self-contradicting?

  54. Chris says:

    Except if you buy a student edition you are not legally allowed to make money from the stuff you make with it anyway. Check the license info. non commercial only.

  55. Wow says:

    Grow up and pay for it? Seriously? Apparently growing up is spending your hard earned money on people who neither need it nor deserve it. I bought Photoshop in 2005. With every new computer I had I had to battle with them on the phone. I could not afford to upgrade, so I kept using my software over the years. In 2008 they decided to tell me my copy was invalid, despite my paying for it, because I’d “had it for too long”.

    I will never buy photoshop again.

  56. wayne says:

    you look like and sound like your promotioning cs5 or you dont know what your talking about i got cs5 off a torrent site and it works grat 100 % so please dont post things that your not 100 % sure of http://kat.ph/adobe-cs5-5-master-collection-window-x32-x64-anglo007-t5672961.html go to this site kick ass torrents works great

  57. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    just steal it already

  58. warmonk says:

    What’s the difference between poor people stealing softwares with corporate giants legally stealing money with their ridiculously expensive softwares? Look, the price of softwares installed on your hardisk can be way more expensive than your state of the art computer hardware. Software monopoly creates billionaires like Bill Gates as we know. Anyway, there is no justification for “stealing”. Yes, I downloaded some softwares illegaly but I’m not using them to make money. I would rather use free softwares like flashdevelop, inkscape and gimps for my job. They are simplier and more elegantly designed. I hope, someday, the open source community will outgrow these commercially oriented companies. (but thanks to Adobe for giving away their flex sdk)

  59. rrrr says:

    holy soccer,what I am reading here. and I was keeping a moral obligation to never use a pirated software for very long time now. even though I really want to use flash and photoshop. I did great things on old versions (legitimate copies) but now have family and bills to pay and can’t afford to buy the new ones.

  60. Fred says:

    You guys should really try living in territories such as Australia where Creative Suite costs not $455 but more like $2495 – and you are locked out of buying it online from overseas. Their territory specific pricing is criminal.

  61. Adobesucks says:

    Blah, blah, blah… Just better stick with Java, cause it’s free. F… Adobe.

  62. Ken says:

    #1 reason NOT to steal Adobe software. I know someone who recently got a bill from Adobe for $35,000 for using illegal software. It’s cheaper to buy a legal version.

  63. Robin Hood says:

    The best things in life are free, so if i can get it for free then why not. I have a cracked version of CS5.5 Design Premium and I’d never had any issues with it. And i can even update it like the real thing! Only thing I can’t do of course is to log in to Adobe using my ID whenever I would use a particular Adobe application and why would I do that? To tell them that Hey! I’m using a legit copy of your product right now!!! If they would somehow give me points that I could earn every time I use it, points that I can use in return to buy additional Adobe software, I might consider dishing out that large sum of money to purchase it. But right now I’m satisfied with my copy, of course if I have the luxury of buying the real thing then you won’t be seeing me posting here like a pirate, unfortunately it aint the case. I think it’s high time for Adobe to make it a little affordable for people like us, but until then I’ll just sit here and wait for another updated pirated copy from this ocean we called the internet.

  64. Alex Kirwan says:

    With a massive business like adobe, i think they should release all there previous software as freeware. giving people like me (a student) a chance to use there software. don’t you agree? it is stupid, now that they have released CS6, adobe is no longer selling CS5,4,3,2. maybe if they even sold it for half or quarter price, then that may slow down the rate of piracy.

  65. Keith says:

    I want to make my pirated version of CS4 legal, but have no idea how to go about it. I don’t need CS5 and would prefer to run with CS4 and be able to get all the updates. Any idea how I can go about this without ending up in a legal wrangle?

  66. Christian Kenny says:

    Honestly, this is my personal rule I’ve always followed (I’m in high school BTW) “If you are under 18, are amateur/experimenting, and not using it for REAL professional work to be RELEASED than it’s ok”

    For example, I have a pirate version of 3DS max, only to experiment and see what I can do. I would only buy it if I WASN’T an amateur and needing it for work. You shouldn’t worry about high school and college kids, they’re only TESTING/EXPERIMENTING with the software to see if they like it. Why should kids have to buy a copy when they don’t know if they’ll know how to use it or even like it.

  67. Only.what.you.owe says:

    I really can’t expect the young teens and budding PS enthusiasts to be able to afford the price of Adobe software. But to be honest? I don’t think that the vast majority of them even use all of the programs features. I have no idea where a thirteen year old would begin to get the money for CS5 or CS6 but frankly they shouldn’t be using it until they’ve mastered something simpler.

    On the unmentioned ethics issue, I think that the few people who can easily afford to pay for the program obviously should. For those that claim to hate the ‘big corporation’ and wish to attack them by stealing whenever possible would it make more sense to boycott their product altogether? If you think here’s a better way to do something, find it or create it. But theft isn’t a good ‘strategy’ here; it really amounts to surrender.

    BUT to those who are struggling severely with bills, you’ll have to make the decision for yourself. I really hope the best for you and am very fortunate to not depend on art or design for my paycheck. I’m learning to use GIMP and after reading this article, I hope I can make the most of any alternative to Adobe that I can find.

    I just also wanted to call out the argument from ealier about the great art of the last that would have been lost if brushes and paint had cost “5 months rent”. The idea of the starving artist in history is somewhat of a myth. Art, for most of history, has been a luxury activity; the great artists of the past and even today, have had benefactors that support their work enabling them the time and energy to focus on their passions.

    And that brings me back to the matter of price. After reading this interesting article (with its even more interesting comments) I realize the possible reason for the high price of Adobe’sCreative Suite. The software ( I assume) is very powerful and capable of wonderful things, given the right artist/designer. Besides the cost of software development, in a way, they are charging for a percentage of the profis that the artists will make in the future. You might say that he artist owes some credit for the beauty of their finished to the TOOLS they used. (Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel with his fingers, right?).

    So the question becomes: a)are you good enough to make MONEY with Adobe’s program and if so is your work good enough for the program to make a difference in the quality of your work? Because I’d argue (to give Adobe the benefit of the doubt) that’s what you’re paying for. Indeed you shouldnt pay for what you can’t afford but you shouldn’t just get the ‘standard professional software’ if you’re not actually skilled enough to work it (I know I’m not!). There are alternatives and in the end , if you want to use Adobe, you’ll be surprised at how smooth the transition is once your well-versed in using other software.

    I appreciate moral gray areas, but do think that venturing into these territories should be guided first by what we need, not by what we want, or by what’s being sold to usas the only option.

    OPEN SOURCE for the win.
    P.S. But yea…. if Adobe comes after GIMP I’m definitely stealing Adobe.

  68. i live for today says:

    listen man I barely find in my country the office of adobe company there is no even on FYI MY family earn per day less then 10 dollar and we still have to pay for living etc and I must learn something at least if i know graphic I can get jop so in which way you want to convince me buying the software considering my social condition

  69. willywanka says:

    ok this is what i think if it did not cost anyone for you to get the cs5.5 then it is not stealing is it stealing Wald be if a went into bestbuy and stole a copy and sens i cant afford a copy meaning i Wald i Wald never be able to buy it so it is money they Wald never see anyway all it means is i never got a copy and they or never going to see a penny from me weather a download it or not

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