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Full Time Development

For a while, I’ve been doing odd design jobs and tutoring high school students to stabilize my income while I do the freelance web development. Recently, this has seemed a bit silly to me so I started applying to full time development positions. I think going full time would be good because I think that a team environment would be really helpful to me. I want to have my code critiqued, so I can become a lot better.

I had an interview yesterday for a design/development position, but I’m not sure it went so well, since I didn’t know a lot of the lingo. He seemed interested in my 3D and design portfolios though, which is nice because although I want to code I definitely want to be on the design side of it.

Well they called me back today, so I’m going to go for it. 8 to … Read more…

Switching Hosting Plans

Switching Hosting Plans

Ok it’s time to come clean…when I first started this website I signed up for hosting thru Yes yes I know, ugh. Well I’d been too lazy to switch it over (that’s how they get you!) until recently, as I have become interested in deploying Drupal. Well I had Drupal working fine when I found out that I couldn’t clean up the long URLs since godaddy’s “shared hosting” has mod_rewrite turned off and, big surprise, they don’t allow you any shell access. It was pretty annoying because I had been planning on playing with those files to learn the Apache setup. But it turned out to be good news, since I have now switched my hosting to They’re giving me so much more for actually a little less money, plus the SSH access. Only downside is that a lot of their … Read more…

Site Facelift

Over the past couple days I’ve been redesigning my website.First, I made a design for my website in Illustrator that I’m happy with. What’s better is that I was able to implement it fully in a matter of minutes because of the clean template structure I used previously. I had wanted for some time to add some flare to the site, but not to do too much, since I would never want to detract from the content. I hope this design is successful, I don’t think it’s too flashy. Please let me know what you think. Next, I made a lot of minor appearance changes and cleaned up a good amount of the code, fixing up a few sections that had had minor bugs for some time. This is mostly done, but I’m still not happy with the video playback JavaScript. It works fine in FireFox but InternetExplorer shows … Read more…