See Ya Later!

See Ya Later!

It’s been several years since I’ve posted anything here, and I think it’s time to finally say goodbye. I’m still actively writing about web development, just not on my personal blog anymore. Check out my posts on Smashing Magazine, and also the books I’ve written.

It’s been a fun ride, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read and contributed to these posts. But web development is an industry that moves quickly.

When I first started writing, this was mostly a jQuery blog. That seems like a whole century ago, and I can’t remember the last time I wrote any jQuery. Today I’m mostly working with React and a variety of Node frameworks, and also doing a lot of design systems development. And I’m sure I’ll be moving onto something else soon.

To be honest most of the information on this blog is outdated. I’ll keep the posts up for posterity, but I’m going to be shutting down comments and otherwise be moving on. Thanks!

Jon Raasch

Jon Raasch is a UX nerd and free-lance web designer / developer who loves jQuery, Javascript & CSS.

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