I'm a full stack JavaScript developer living in Portland, OR and working remotely for companies mainly in the Bay Area. I've written several books on advanced web development approaches and am constantly prototyping new and interesting UI paradigms with JavaScript and CSS.

Engineering Skills

I'm a highly experienced engineer who has been working on the bleeding edge of frontend development for over a decade. My current projects focus on React Redux development, performance tuning and complex UI development.

Coming from a design background, I am uniquely suited to understanding both sides of product development. I love building visually rich and engaging experiences that users have never seen before.

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Technologies I'm Using

I don't think I could list every technology in my workflow, but here are some of my favorites:

  • React Redux
  • ES6 & ES7
  • Node & Express
  • SVG & Raphael
  • Canvas
  • WebGL & Three.js
  • Sass & LESS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • NPM, Gulp, Grunt
What I Do For Fun

Besides programming, I love honing my visual arts / printmaking skills, and periodically pick up illustration contracts. Recently I've gotten into drawing comics.

A few years back I co-founded an independent FM radio station, Freeform Portland, and I DJed there for two years. I played an eclectic mix of hip hop, vaporwave, experimental music and a little bit of new age (not even lying).

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